Future Extensions

Do you have an idea on how to improve this effort and the efficiency of our Job Market in general? 

Submit an idea and/ or vote for new features. Your opinion matters!

Here, we are including interesting suggestions from academics of our field that were reported to us by personal communication. We may consider to include them in this website in the future, but we are basically reporting them here as "interesting feedback" on what else remains to be done to make the academic job market more efficient and smooth, for both the Universities/ Business Schools and the Candidates as well.

  • "It would be interesting if one can do scheduling on this website (clearly very challenging!!!). But for INFORMS Annual Meeting it would have been so useful to have a centralized place to plan meetings with people.": Here is a solution to this, again from the Marketing Community.
  • "You may want to have an option saying where candidates have gotten interviews, for both INFORMS and campus visits. In the Econ job market site I think they do it, but anonymously. Obviously our community is a lot smaller so there may be issues there."
  • "I think it would be interesting to allow both employers and candidates say when jobs are filled. For example, employers can remove their post and indicate how many people were hired (0,1, 2, 3, etc)."
  • [Not related to the Job Market, but nice idea:] "Would be nice to somehow know which other PhD Students are going to any of the major OM conferences (INFORMS, MSOM, POMS) and possibly share rooms. My PhD Program is small and can't afford traveling to a Conference without sharing my hotel room. For sure, there must be others like me out there.."