Job Postings (2017-2018)

Use the search boxes (top row in the database below) to easily find a Job Posting (results appear as you type, and are shown ranked by posting date). For example, if you try typing "October" in the "Apply by" search box, some results will appear. Kindly note that there are many institutions that did not provide us with a specific deadline, so please check with them for more details. You can also filter search results across different entries of our database, e.g. to get all job openings for any "Business School" seeking for an "Assistant Professor" located to "USA". Job Postings of previous Job Markets are shown here.

All the entries below have been made public by reliable and verified individuals. However, please let us know if any information is misplaced.

*Job Market Survey in Operations
: Please encourage your colleagues and past PhD Students currently at the level of "Assistant Professor" and of any recent past year to fill up our Annual Job Market Survey. Thank you in advance for your support.