Survey - FAQs

Apart from having a clean place to keep track of the currently available job openings and the profiles of the PhD Candidates in the Job Market, we also aim to collect data on the profiles of the people who accepted an Operations related academic job.

Some FAQs regarding the Survey are the following:

1. Who should fill out the Survey?

Whoever accepted an Operations related academic position at a University/ Business School this year, at any level (PostDoc, Assist. Prof, Assoc. Prof, etc). Actually, our Survey asks you to report the year you are starting to work.


2. What if I accepted a position as an Assistant Professor at an Industrial Engineering/ Analytics/ etc department of a University (but not at its Business School)?

You should fill out our Survey, signalling though you are not joining a Business School Department, at the respective question-section of the Survey.


3. What if I am graduating this (academic) year and accepted a position a year from now, going for a year of PostDoc or some months in the Industry in between?

You should fill out our Survey twice: once for the PostDoc/ Industrial position you accepted, and once for your forthcoming academic/ professor position.


4. What do you plan to do with my data?

We aim to create concrete annual reports, that would describe our field. We are inspired by a similar summary report that is being published in Marketing every year

5. I really liked the idea of having real data from the Operations Job Market every year and better inform next generations of Operations PhDs and Faculty. However, I am a bit hesitant to answer your Survey's sensitive salary questions, mainly because I am afraid one could reverse engineer your report and find out my identity. How would you deal with such cases?

We are fully aware of these concerns and take them very seriously. We make sure that your anonymity is assured in two ways. The first way is by not displaying any data that can be traced back to individuals. Specifically, this means that we do not display data (e.g. averages) that have less than three data points. The second way is that these data will strictly not be accessed by anyone else except the moderator of this website, who will also not disclose any data in any other way or form, except through the Annual Report. For an example of how the data will (not) be displayed, see the tables on pp. 7-8 of the following similar Annual Report from the Marketing academic community.

6. Hey, the Survey is not really anonymous, you may be able to find out my identity! Please elaborate further.

First of all, our academic community is not as small as you may think. Our Survey is designed so that it can be answered by any individual affiliated to "Operations" (broadly defined), who went through our Job Market process in the past (provided he/ she remembers all the details we ask). 

Secondly, we do not ask anything that the Marketing folks do not. Every year, almost 95%(!) of the people who went on the Marketing Job Market (around 100 academics per year) fill up a respective Survey and keep their Job Market greatly organised. We do not ask you to report your name (as they indeed do in Marketing for verification reasons!), neither which institution you got your PhD and where you finally ended up to. Sure, we do ask you though about how many papers you had on the market, and their stage, your teaching load in your current institution, the tenure requirements, and more details about your job offer.

Thirdly, "without action the world would still be an idea" to rephrase a famous quote of Georges Doriot. Either you trust the researcher who is conducting the Survey by accepting the detailed "Informed Consent Statement", or not. Provided we collect the right data though, we promise you a lot of insights that will be helpful for future PhD Students, Universities/ Business Schools, and any academic of our field. See for example the following recent executive summary reports by the Marketing community (2012-2013 and 2013-2014).


7. To whom would this Survey be helpful?

We believe that understanding the Business Schools' and Universities' job offers and packages, and the average profiles of the Candidates will help both parties to adjust their offers and expectations accordingly. Furthermore, our vision is on how to attract the best (and the right) pool of people who even want to enter our fields. Reporting real data will definitely help shaping the definition and the boundaries of "Operations Academia".


8. I was on the Job Market in the past, can I still fill out the Survey?

Yes, provided you remember well all the details of your job search process including number of applications you sent, offers you got, etc. Our Survey asks you to report the year you were in the job market.


9. Where is the link to the Survey? When will you report the data you collected so far? 

Provided you have been on the Job Market in Operations broadly defined (and you remember all the requested information), you can respond to our Annual Job Market Survey here. Depending on the data collected, we will post them to our website in the coming months.