Candidates on the 2017-2018 Job Market

If you intend to apply to Faculty positions listed in our website, please visit this page in September 2017 where you should be able to upload your CV and a short summary of your research contributions. By doing so, you give the opportunity for your research to be seen by a large group of academic institutions that regularly visit our website, and invite you directly for an interview, or even to reach out to collaborate and cite your work. All profiles of Job Candidates will be made publicly available two weeks prior to INFORMS 2017 Annual Meeting, i.e. on October, 8th 2017.

Your anonymous feedback on how to improve this website is very much appreciated.

*New: Summaries of the doctoral research of candidates who applied to a junior academic position in Operations Research (and related fields) during the 2015-2016 and 2014-2015 job markets.