Annual Job Market Survey

Have you recently gone through the Job Market search for an academic job in "Operations" (broadly defined to include Operations Research, Management Science, Industrial Engineering, Analytics, among other related fields)?

We are conducting an anonymous Annual Job Market Survey, which aims to understand the profiles of any newly hired faculty of our field. 
The Survey can now be responded either by Candidates, or on behalf of a Hiring Committee. Please refer here for some frequently asked questions and a recent posting at INFORMS connect forum about this Job Market Survey by Professor Serguei Netessine.

Here are some slides with results of this Survey so far (updated on November 12, 2016).

We sincerely hope that our effort will be proven useful for future PhD Candidates and Business Schools/ Universities to get further insights about the job market from past applicants that have already passed through this process. At a broader level, we also share the view that being able to show real data of our Job Market will help shaping the borders and definition of our interdisciplinary field, understanding the current research trends and even attracting the best (and right) candidates to enter our PhD Programs in the future.

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